Everything but Turkey for Thanksgiving

One thing many vegetarians will have to break to their family at one point or another is that they will no longer be eating turkey on Thanksgiving. People will ask you why you can’t just eat meat on this one day. They may say that they thought you still ate chicken and turkey. They may fear […]

Il Supermercato – The Secret Behind Great Italian Food

My imaginations of Italy and food are of this: a stolid, determined woman toiling away in her kitchen, pinching out pasta shells with her thumb, gathering tomatoes from scraggly vines hanging off her balcony railing, basil from the spice pots cluttering her window sill. I see her trudging up a cobbled slope to argue with […]

Wine Lovers: It’s Summertime — Let’s Explore A Brew or Two

Just as beer drinkers are wise to bolster their knowledge and appreciation of fine wine, so too are wine lovers well served by opening their palates (and possibly snooty attitudes–hey, if this isn’t you, cool, but if the shoe fits… ) to embrace the attributes of great beer. And with the hot and muggy season […]

How Not to Order Pizza in Italy

I went to Italy for the first time in the winter of 1994 with my boyfriend of one year. We stayed with his Godparents in Rome, where his mother met us and many of his cousins lived. While I was excited to at last get a view into this secret life of the man I […]

Matt’s Food Vocabulary: Vietnamese

I told you recently that I was looking forward to posting some food vocabulary from my newfound friend Matt Miller. Enjoy. 1. Fish sauce – an amber-colored liquid extracted from the fermentation of fish with sea salt 2. Tamarind – edible, pod-like fruit which are used extensively in cuisines around the world. 3. Galangal – a rhizome of plants in the […]

Publishing a First Food Blog Post

If you’ve come here for pointers on how to overcome your fears about publishing a first blog post, you may or may not be in the right place. This is, after all, just a food blog. Actually, I should mention that I’m in no way qualified to offer any kind of advice on blogging. Frankly, […]

Turning up the Heat on an American Pastime

When recalling the fond imagery of our American pastimes, many think of baseball, July 4 fireworks and muscle cars. There is one primary essential linked to these cultural passions of ours: grilling. But outdoor grilling isn’t just reserved for the Fourth of July and Father’s Day. Sports fans are tailgating with their grills, car shows are […]

Wine pairing basics

Learning the bare necessities. The first step to becoming an oenophile.

Ten secrets for Memorial Day grilling perfection

(ARA) – From the way the charcoal briquettes are arranged to finding that perfect set of tongs, every home grilling expert has his or her secrets. For many, grilling goes beyond just a practical warm-weather cooking method and it becomes more of an art form. But to become a true grilling great, it’s important to […]