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Turning up the Heat on an American Pastime

content_marketing_opi_photo449312-20-2012When recalling the fond imagery of our American pastimes, many think of baseball, July 4 fireworks and muscle cars. There is one primary essential linked to these cultural passions of ours: grilling. But outdoor grilling isn’t just reserved for the Fourth of July and Father’s Day. Sports fans are tailgating with their grills, car shows are now synonymous with grilling, and with the advent of television cooking networks and iconic grill chefs like Bobby Flay, grilling has become a household standard in preparing fine cuisine that extends beyond the traditional burgers and hot dogs that manifested the grilling realm of our parent’s generation.  Selecting a fine, quality multifunctional grill is as detrimental to a family’s home life as it is selecting those new kitchen appliances. Investing in a good grill, such as the ones offered by American Outdoor Grills, will preserve your family’s advancement and preservation of this coveted pastime, while bringing the family unit together in a fun, outdoor activity.

Choosing the Right Grill for You

There are many things to consider when selecting the right grill for you and your family. According to Consumer Reports, grills are usually priced according to four factors: quality, size, convenience and features. As the grill is a vital source to good eating and family fun, quality should never be downgraded to save a few dollars. Nor should the convenience or features. Size however is something that should always be carefully considered when buying a grill, as choosing the right size will not only make grilling for efficient, but it will save you money so you can invest in a better quality product. Also, convenience factors can be additional considerations to help the consumer save money. For example, if your family members don’t tailgate at the stadium or transport the grill on camping trips, a good purchase choice would be an in-ground grill designed to stay on your family’s property. These grills are lower in cost than their portable cousins, and if you never travel with your grill, why spend money on a convenience factor that is a mute point? Also, big doesn’t necessarily mean better. If you often host social events or have lots of parties, than choosing a large 36-inch grill would be ideal, as it would provide ultimate efficiency in food preparation, as well as guest accommodation. However, if the grill is intended for a lifetime of enjoyment by your small, immediate family (and the occasional odd guest) selecting a 24-inch grill will save on your wallet by providing you with a product that won’t be a waste of space.

Grilling with the Kids

Engaging your children in grilling is a great way to not only spend time with them, but it enables the child to learn about cuisine, it builds confidence, and allows them to take pride in eating something they prepared themselves. In an article by Detroit’s Examiner, the author discusses how introducing the art of grilling to your child is beneficial. It puts your kids to work and helps enable their ability to follow instruction. Also, by mixing, basting and skewering their own dinner, your kids will be more apt to eat what they make, thus deviating their diets from the “three P’s” of peanut butter, pizza and pasta. With careful supervision, having your child step up to “man the grill” will make them feel accomplished and have a developed sense of achievement that will inspire them to excel in other areas of their development. As children (especially boys) don’t view the kitchen environment too favorably, getting them outdoors and in front of the grill can lead to instilling a passion for food preparation that may too initiate interest inside the kitchen. Get your child a matching apron like the one dad has, or better yet, pick up a cute little chef’s hat to make your child feel like he/she is more connected to the art of grilling.

Choose Wisely

The grill is the heart of your family. Whether you use it strictly at home, or carry it to the stadium or to the campsite, it is the center of your family’s bonding in the great outdoors. It can even be a vital part of raising your child to value and respect the art of grilling. Never skimp on quality, as you always get what you pay for. Choosing quality, while not over-spending on features you don’t need, will ensure a smart buy. Happy grilling!

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