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MET Restaurant Group Bringing a “Crafty Mary” Bloody Mary Bar to All of Its New England Locations

If you love a good Bloody Mary, the MET Restaurant Group is launching a menu for you. This November, all five of their New England locations will have a “Crafty Mary Menu” with more than 13,000 combinations of this favorite cocktail. Sunday brunch has never looked or tasted so good.

The Metropolitan Club in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, The MET Bar & Grill in Dedham and Natick, Massachusetts, the MET on Main in Nantucket, Massachusetts, and Met Back Bay on Newbury Street in Boston will offer the menu at Sunday brunch. The Met Back Bay will also have the menu available on Saturdays.

Restaurant patrons get to choose their liquor from a list of spirits that includes everything from Ketel One to Don Julio. Once the liquor is chosen, guests have the option to pick from an unlimited combination of “fixins & garnishes” that include olives, lime, or even a Salami and Cheese Skewer. To top it all off, guests can choose traditional sea salt or the soon-to-be favorite bacon salt. A wide selection of hot sauces like Sriracha, wasabi, and Worcestershire give guests the option for as little or as much kick as they want.

Take your brunch experience to new levels with this Crafty Menu that is the perfect accompaniment to your weekend meals.




SPIRITS (Choose One)

Belvedere $13

Belvedere Bloody $13

Ketel One $13

Ketel Citron $13

Tanqueray $12

Hendricks $12

Don Julio Silver $14

Don Julio Reposado $15

Don Julio Anjeo $16

Bulleit Bourbon $14







Cocktail Onions

Cured Garlic Cloves $1

Pepperocini $1

Cornichons $1

Cherry Tomatoes $1

Hickory Smoked Bacon Strip $1

Tomolives $1

Caperberries $1

1/2 Sour Pickle $2

Clams $2.5

Cheddar Block $3

Salami & Cheese Skewer $3

Oyster $3

Mini Cheese Burger $5

Shrimp $5

Lobster $8



Sea Salt & Pepper

Old Bay

Bacon Salt



Met Bloody Mary Mix

Met Clamato



Green or Red Tabasco


MET Sauce




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A Manhattan in Park City Part 1

As Jessica Ruth Goldberg conducts interviews with up-and-coming New York filmmakers at the
Sundance Film Festival, we’re inviting them to participate in our recipe series, “A Manhattan in Park
City.” Filmmakers are sharing their favorite New York cocktail, and exactly how they prefer it served.
Jessica will research how to get the drink in Park City, Utah, where the parties pop but the liquor laws
are hard to follow. We’ll post the results in Blast’s Recipes section, along with the new name of the
drink that our filmmakers inspire.

Kellie Overbey, writer and actress in That’s What She Said, likes a spicy Bloody Mary. If she wants to
mix one at her Park City lodgings, she should buy the vodka in advance, because the state-run liquor
stores are closed on Sunday. The Market at Park City is the perfect place to pick up tomato juice and
celery salt, because it’s open until 11 every night, and it’s nestled right among the festival theaters.
Since Kellie specifically appreciates a very spicy version of this cocktail, the spices aisle offers chili
powder and hot sauce. We call this one a Kellie Bite, even though the filmmaker is as sweet as she


  • 12 oz. tomato juice
  • 1/8 teaspoon celery salt
  • 1/8 teaspoon hot sauce
  • 1/8 teaspoon chili powder
  • 2 dashes of pepper
  • 1 celery stalk


Pour the liquid and powder ingredients into a highball glass. Use the celery stalk to stir vigorously.