Moksa’s insane Vindaloo Wings will melt your soul

CAMBRIDGE — In the spirit of the 2013 football season, Moksa, an Asian fusion restaurant located in Central Square, has developed its own take on everyone’s favorite tailgate food with its new Vindaloo Wings ($6). Regarded as one of the hottest dishes available on Moksa’s menu, the vindaloo wings are an all-out blitz of jalapenos, […]

Chili and Cucumber Margarita

My go-to recipe is a margarita fit for any pallet.  Combining the cool subtlety of cucumbers, the tang of fresh squeezed limes, and the warmth of chili powder, this drink is sure to warm any evening. This recipe is based off of the standard margarita offering at Diego’s in the MGM Grand of Las Vegas. After falling […]